Building Momentum: How Baby Steps Keep You Moving Forward

Motivated people on beach, holding up flares to tell you to relax and take baby steps

A motivated person is someone who has a strong desire and drive to achieve their goals, complete tasks, or pursue their ambitions. The first thing to remember is, that they are self-driven, focused, and persistent in their efforts to achieve success, and they often display a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards their work and life in general. Baby steps are a critical tool in their toolbox. A motivated person is inspired by their own personal values and aspirations and is willing to put in the hard work and effort needed to reach their goals.

Time & Energy Leaches

It is difficult to stay motivated with a wide variety of leaches that suck away your time and energy. The siphoning off of your time and energy puts you at risk of not meeting your goals.  Possible effects of not continuing to move toward a lifelong goal.   

1. Feelings of disappointment and regret. 
2. A sense of loss or failure. 
3. A loss of self-esteem or self-confidence. 
4. Increased stress or anxiety. 
5. Difficulty finding new direction or purpose. 
6. A decrease in motivation or productivity. 
7. Possible impact on relationships with family, friends, or colleagues. 
8. Opportunities for growth, learning, or new experiences may not manifest. 
9. Feeling like life lacks meaning or purpose. 
10. A sense of stagnation or complacency.     

Baby Steps

Baby steps are small, manageable actions taken towards a larger goal. They are used to break down a daunting or overwhelming task into smaller and more achievable parts. The term comes from the idea of a baby learning to walk, taking small steps before being able to walk confidently and steadily. By taking baby steps, individuals can make progress toward their goals without feeling drowned (Underwater and non-productive) or discouraged.

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Forward Into The Future

Generally speaking, progress is not necessarily measured by speed. Even small steps can lead to significant progress in the long run. The important thing is that you keep working towards your goals and making efforts to improve yourself or your situation. Remember, every step counts, no matter how small they may seem at the time.

Progress is a continuous improvement or development towards a desired goal or outcome. In truth, it involves making positive changes, advancements, and achievements within a specific area, such as technology, science, education, social development, and economic growth. progress is measured using various scales, such as performance indicators, preset milestones, and other indicators.           

Your Future 

Progress requires consistency, dedication, and constant effort, no matter the duration or speed. To achieve long-term goals and objectives while adapting to changing circumstances and making necessary adjustments. Ultimately, progress is about moving forward and working towards building a better future.

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