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The Dread Pirate ebooks (DPebooks) offer free motivational ebooks. Highly motivated individuals have downloaded thousands of my free motivational ebooks and enjoyed their content.

I personally welcome you to this site and hope you find it both fun and enlightening. Please read the About DPebooks section where I briefly explain the origin of how the scrolls began to be written and how they morphed into several motivational ebooks.

Our free motivational ebooks are written under the pen name Dread Pirate. DPebooks offers the ability to be able to download ebooks, in PDF format, at no cost to the reader. I have brought all volumes of the original Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls to one website along with the ability for you to download the ebooks, free of charge.

Please feel free to download one or all of the titles offered. Titles include Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Vol. I, Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Vol. II, Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Vol. III, and Shore Leave – motivational essays. I hope more are forthcoming.

“Keep it real, keep it positive, and keep it motivated.”

Dread Pirate

DPebooks is also home to the authors’ blog, The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls II Blog. I can only hope my “messages in a bottle” reach you on this great internet sea. Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls 2 blog will contain blogs about motivation, having fun, and on occasion, my writing endeavors.

Remember that reading is an excellent way of learning about the world around you, how others live, and more importantly, how you wish to create, plan for, and achieve your goals.


Additional weekly motivation can be found in the Dread Pirate Cove on Twitter. Please feel free to like and subscribe to keep up with all things DPebook.

WARNING: Reading the Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls motivational essays may cause uncontrollable happiness and motivation.

Free Motivational Ebooks

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Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Vol. I – Motivational essays
Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Vol. II – Motivational essays
Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Vol. III – Motivational essays
Shore Leave – Motivational essay and more.

“Motivation is critical for a positive, motivated and resilient lifestyle. Take every opportunity you can to learn about yourself and your abilities, so that you can achieve your dreams and more. “

~ Michael Meisberger

Motivation for the Crew

Using your time

Motivation is key when keeping realistic expectations and a positive outlook. It may seem like the whole world is coming apart; inclement weather, unstable financial market, faulty relationships, and horrid job. We have but one thing to remember as sailors of life, we are here, to meet, and rise above and conquer every challenge that we happen upon during the adventure we call life.

First, we must learn to use time in all its aspects, fluidly and with unlimited vision. Just as the horizon lay in all directions, thus, time expands in all directions, through all dimensions of time and space of our growing Cosmos. To be able to see all parts of time along with knowing your current position, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Using your time wisely and effectively truly is the key to motivation and success.

Expectations and outlook

Second, we must keep our expectations realistic and our outlook positive. Having a realistic understanding of the ebb and flow of life is critical to successfully navigating life’s challenges. Realizing that it can be done and that our journey through life is meant to be a positive influence on all we encounter is the ideal goal. Having realistic expectations and a positive mental attitude will help keep your motivation at the right level for success. Remember, Keep it real, keep it positive, and keep it motivated.


Third, we have to stay motivated! Inaction is like sailing a tall ship in placid air. You are going nowhere fast. Forward movement, no matter how slow, is the best course of action. Being motivated takes energy so take time to take care of yourself. Eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise when you can. The body is an incredible machine that can take care of you, but, only if you take care of it! When you think you are stuck in port with nowhere to go, allow your realistic expectations and positive attitude to help your motivation as you move forward into the fray of life.

One way of staying motivated is reading the Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls 2 Blog from time to time.

~ Michael Meisberger

About DPebooks

From a blog to ebooks and back again

Original graphic from The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls, Motivational blog

Welcome, and thank you for wanting to learn more about DPebooks. The website was an extension of a blog and a location my readers would be able to download my ebooks for free. It serves the same function today.

I turned my original blog entries into motivational essays and published them under the same name as the blog for easy recognition, The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls.

DPebooks.com is a personal website that I built and maintain myself. The website was created around 2003 and continually offered my free motivational ebooks at no charge.

As a self-published author, I enjoy sharing motivational thoughts and eBooks and blogs I write, free of charge, to anyone who wishes to download my work.

Run a rig!

Original logo of the defunct blog known as Xanga and the blog which tricked me into thinking I was a good writer. More in About DPebooks.

The origin of my work is a long-gone blog platform called Xanga. In the year 2000, I received an email from Ms. Bianca Brusard saying she saw my writing and wanted me to join her and her friends at Xanga. For me, the internet was “new” and I was not yet savvy about its ways.

Thinking the email was from someone from the college I was attending at the time. I reasoned Xanga was only campus-wide.

After several weeks on the blog platform, I learned I had fallen prey to Xanga’s public roll-out email campaign. Ms. Brusard was a fictitious blogger and most untrustworthy.

I stayed on Xanga, using the nom-de-plume “Dread Pirate”. In sum, the leap into blogging let me have some fun as well as practice my writing skills. I named the blog, “The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls” and enjoyed blogging my motivational musings.

Blog readership quickly grew to 100 followers and the comment section was buzzing with encouragement and fun. In no time at all, 100 readers grew to 200. I found my blog entries being spotlighted on the front page of Xanga. (When a blog was linked on the front page of Xanga, it increased the number of people who followed you exponentially.)

“Keep it real, keep it positive, and keep it motivated.”

The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Blog, deck of the Destiny’s Quest, Dread Pirate


ebooks cover of The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls written by the Dread Pirate and owned by DPebooks motivational ebooks.

It occurred to me that if my Xanga shipmates enjoyed my motivational musings with a nautical flare. I repurposed my blogs as entries, compiled them, and created my first motivational ebook. The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls ebooks were born. Without delay, I decided that I needed an internet venue to distribute my works, and Dread Pirate ebooks (DPebooks) was born and distribution of my free motivational ebooks began.

The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls II

This blog is a rebirth of the original blog, long ago lost at sea. This blog will be like its predecessor and will primarily be entries about motivation. I may write about my efforts in writing together with my motivational musings.

Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls II Mantra

May I become at all times, both now and forever
A protector for those without protection
A guide for those who have lost their way
A ship for those with oceans to cross
A sanctuary for those in danger
A lamp for those without light
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter
And a servant to all in need

Michael Meisberger aka Dread Pirate owner and author of DPebooks Motivational Ebooks.

Michael Meisberger is a public affairs specialist and author of motivational essays as well as several works of fiction. He is a writer, photographer, web designer, content web master, combat veteran, world traveler, outdoorsman, and sportsman with a bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington. Meisberger currently resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Creative Commons & DPebooks

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Authors may use my work on condition that they use, Attribution-NonCommericial-ShareAlike. All of my works published are in the public domain under the Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommericial-ShareAlike, CC BY-NC-SA). Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me about collaborative efforts or using my work.


Readers, you are by far the most important feedback we like to read. You are most welcome to offer feedback on any work or any part of this website. It is the highly motivated sailor of life who not only achieves their goals but helps others do the same on their journey through their life. Make sure to stop by The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls II blog to catch up on the latest motivation.

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