One of those days.


Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like everything you touch just goes wrong? I can honestly say, I have had more than I care to count. Land lovers say, “If you don’t make mistakes, you will never learn anything.”

Never ever listen to land lovers.

[Remember some may agree or disagree with this statement. However, if someone perceives the advice “never listen to land lovers” as a general guideline for seafarers, it might indicate a possible prejudice or bias towards people who typically don’t live or work on the water. It is important to recognize that knowledge and experience come in various forms, and one should be open to learning from different perspectives and sources, regardless of their background.]

I frequently think about how much time, effort, sweat equity. Sweat equity refers to the value added to a property or business by the owners’ or participants’ labor or effort, rather than by financial investment alone. In other words, it’s the non-monetary contributions made by individuals to build or develop a project or venture.

Sweat equity can come in many forms, such as physical labor, skills, knowledge, or expertise, and is often used as a means of compensating individuals who cannot contribute financial capital but can offer other valuable resources. Sweat equity is also a way for entrepreneurs to preserve their ownership stake while still attracting investment.

Taking the time to extensively research and use the tools you have to learn about the things we want to attempt prior to setting sail, is worth more than most land lovers think. Land lovers rush in where sailors of life take time to learn and understand before we let lose with cannon fire.

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  1. What great insight! Planning & preparation doesn’t get enough attention since most folks want to “start right away”. I think if more people heed this advice, there would be more satisfaction in the world, and fewer accidents.

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